The 3-Day Cleanse (Basic)

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Weight Loss Isn’t the Only Benefit You’ll Gain.

Although weight loss is what spurs many people to try cleanses, The Weekend Cleanse serves your body in many more important ways.

We can’t promise exactly what you’ll experience during this easy-to-follow 3-day program. Your body is unique, and how diligently you follow the protocol is up to you.

The 2 biggest benefits that I value (and many people overlook) are:

  • - #1 -

    You restore and “reset” your taste buds, which makes it much easier to continue eating healthy foods. Everything will taste amazing! Fruits and vegetables will be more flavorful and appealing … to the point where you’ll crave carrots, kale and quinoa as much as you used to crave chocolate cake and buttered bread.

  • - #2 -

    You eliminate “bad” cravings. Even when you live a healthy lifestyle, it’s normal to get cravings. But if you’re not careful, they can completely sabotage your progress, so it’s important to find a way to deal with them.

    For example, I have a personal weakness with bread, and when those cravings hit... watch out. I can’t focus, I get snarly, and if I cave in … I can easily gobble down half a loaf of bread in one day! Sure, I can use strategies and willpower to hold off on giving in. But it’s much easier simply to eliminate my body’s cravings for bad foods altogether.)

When I notice cravings creeping in...

I do the Weekend Cleanse to get back on track.

You can use this cleanse any time you like as it takes just 3 days.