The Gerson Tapes - DIGITAL Package PLUS Book - Healing the Gerson Way (softcover)

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The Gerson Tapes (which is what these 14 tapes are now called) are a collection of timeless information on how the body can heal itself from degenerative disease. There is almost 14 hours of cutting edge information and patient testimonials included in this unique archive. Luckily, we were able to find them and recover the content, or else this valuable asset would have been lost forever to modern technology.


In These Powerful Audio Recordings, You Will Discover...

★ How to activate your body's own healing mechanism.

★ The four things that need to be in place in your body to be disease free.

★ When the body becomes toxic and how to prevent this from happening.

★ The right balance of potassium to sodium in the body for optimal health.

★ The story of how Dr. Max Gerson helped Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer recover from his diabetes.

★ The vitamin that is the premier immune system activator.

★ Two "foods" to rarely eat to keep your body in complete balance.

★ How coffee enemas work to detoxify the liver.

★ The real statistics on cancer survival and treatment and how the numbers are skewed.

★ The cost of conventional cancer treatment and who is benefiting from the profits.

★ Multiple cases of people who were given a grave prognosis who healed themselves from degenerative disease with the Gerson Therapy.

★ The best juicer to use to get the most nutrients out of your juice.

★ If all produce needs to be organic or not.

★ What is better colon irrigations and probiotics or coffee enemas for detoxifying.

★ What a person can do daily to prevent cancer.

★ What particular macronutrient could case more harm than good in the body.

★ The difference between the Gerson Therapy and Ann Wigmore's therapy.

★ If mega-vitamin theory works to heal the body.

★ How Charlotte Gerson manages to eat healthy while traveling.

★ The Laetrile principle and its effect on degenerative disease.

★ How sunlight can save your life.

★ Effective protocols for helping the body heal from diabetes, metabolic conditions and other degenerative diseases.

★ And much, much more!



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This program is easy to use (just download and listen!), anyone can benefit and it’s a true bargain considering the caliber and quality of the information.

It costs thousands of dollars to go to the Gerson Institute and get this education.

You can learn from the experts and hear these amazing stories in the comfort of your own home.

The information is also timeless. The principles taught by the Gerson family have survived most of the 20th century.

Plus, it’s completely risk-free.

So let me say that again...your investment today could save you plenty of money as well as give you the health you deserve. I'd consider that a winner. (Of course, I'm slightly biased... but I urge you to take me up on the offer.)

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