How To Read Your Blood Tests eCourse (Digital)

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3 Ways to Achieve Incredible Health

Through Blood Testing


By Kevin Gianni, Health Author

If you're like me at all, you want to be in the best health possible...

And not just "OK health," I mean the best you can have.

Over the last few years, after interviewing hundreds of health experts, I've noticed that many of the best medical and natural health professionals have a few tools and tricks they use to get results above and beyond others in their field.

I'll talk about these shortly, but first I have to address a "natural" myth in the health world.

Some people think that you just have to eat a natural diet to be healthy.

While this could theoretically be true, it sometimes plays out differently in real life.

Many people who try, end up having deficiencies of some sort as they age and these - if they're not caught - could lead to illness and disease.

There are many ways this happens... they go on a restrictive diet, they don't exercise like their ancestors did, they are too stressed all the time, etc.

But the end result is always the same - good intention, OK to not-so-OK results.

They're missing an important piece of the puzzle.

The piece that actually lets you KNOW if you're on the right path.

I'll get to that soon.

The reason I can say all this is because I was there too...

I was eating a natural diet, supposedly the healthiest diet on the planet, but ended up with severe deficiencies in minerals. I also was low in Vitamin D and B12.

I had benn "told" that I could get plenty of minerals from the superfoods I was eating.

I had been "told" that I could get enough Vitamin D from the sun.

Apparently, those tidbits of knowledge didn't work for my body.

The reason I started to know something was wrong, was I started to feel sluggish and agitated.

It wasn't like me and I searched around for answers.

I tried many different approaches with little improvement. I was searching for answers to an equation when I didn't know the variables. I had no idea what was really wrong.

It wasn't until I met Dr. J. E. Williams, that I began to "get" it.

You can either guess about your health or you can know.

Dr. Williams has been practicing natural health for over 30 years. His books, including Viral Immunity and Prolonging Health have been praised by many household natural health names like Dr. Michael Murray and others. He's an international lecturer and educator and pulls his knowledge and work from over 100,000 patient visits.

Dr. Williams told me some of the challenges with diet and natural health that he's seen over the last 30 or so years - and of course I was wise enough to listen to him since over 100,000 patient visits is some serious clinical experience.

Basically, he says, the biggest challenge people have in their own health is that they really never identify what the true issues are and continue to guess and treat themselves with blinders on.

He introduced me to his own proprietary process of testing the body through blood and other type of testing to systematically identify what is out of place and what needs adjustment.

I was deeply interested, since I knew many of my friends and colleagues in the industry didn't use an approach like this at all.

Sometimes it seemed like they were just shooting in the dark, when it came to working with people. (and that scared me, big time.)

So I got my blood tested and we waited for the results.

Without the tests I never would have known how deficient I was.

When I got the results back, Dr. Williams and I went over the results and found my Vitamin D, B12, minerals and some hormones were low.

This, very specifically, was what was making me tired and giving me low energy.

The reason I know, is because the Doc gave me a few recommendations, and within a few weeks, I felt completely different.

I was me again. I had a ton of energy and I was able to handle stressful situations with ease - no agitation at all.

I was so impressed, I wanted everyone to know about Dr. Williams and what he does.

That's why I'm sharing this with you now.

Dr. Williams's blood testing protocol transformed my health, and I think what he knows about blood testing can help you too.

Did you know...

1. Your cholesterol could be too low?

I always thought the lower your cholesterol the better...

But this isn't always true.

Your cholesterol is essential to creating your hormones - everything from cortisol to DHEA. So when your cholesterol is too low, you have trouble making hormones that your body needs to keep you in balance.

Low cholesterol can cause low energy, decreased sex drive, hormone imbalance, irregular cycles in women, irritability and more.

2. You shouldn't use all the lab levels for testing?

Not all lab levels are created equal.

Many of the lab levels are taken from a sample group of people who may or may not be healthy. So when you look at blood tests, you need to know the OPTIMAL levels. Not necessarily the lab given levels.

Dr. Williams, through over 30 years of practice, has identified specific levels that are much more accurate than the lab levels.

3. Vegans and Vegetarians need to look at specific markers more so than others?

Vegans and vegetarians, since the diet is restricted, need to look at specific markers of health to insure that they're doing everything correctly.

While most people who are eating diets of excess get an overload of certain nutrients, people who don't eat excessively or eat a vegan or vegetarian diet may not get enough of those nutrients (though they may have plenty of others the other group doesn't).

So this group requires some special tests to ensure that you're getting the nutrients you need - so you can continue to stick to your diet AND be healthy. (Not a martyr for the cause.)

You can learn what I learned too...

Because of the way learning all this changed my perspective, I asked Dr. Williams if he would team up with me and create a program that would identify optimal blood levels, help you decide what tests to take, and give you some control over your own personal health.

The program we created is called "How to Read Your Blood Tests," and it is a comprehensive audio and PDF course on how you can successfully read your own blood tests and get real results.

It also gives you access to Dr. Williams's own proprietary testing protocols to help identify certain common ailments and issues that many doctors misdiagnose.

In this program you'll discover...

- How take control of your health by understanding blood testing and optimal levels.

- The optimal levels for many of the most deficient vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and more.

- How to interpret the difference between lab levels and true health levels.

- What specific tests to take for vegans, vegetarians and other special dietary needs.

- What tests to take for your age and sex.

- Specific tests to help identify markers of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, candida, thyroid, adrenal fatigue and more.

- Where you can get tests for less money.

- How to test for parasites and worms.

- The true reason you need to test your body.

- And much more...

This program is not only for the individual, but for practitioners who what to understand the difference between normal lab levels and optimal health levels in the complete blood profile (CBC) and other important tests.

The program will give you optimal levels for these important markers...

- Cholesterol
- White Blood Cells
- Red Blood Cells
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin B12
- Folate
- Sodium
- Potassium
- Testosterone
- Estrogen
- Homocysteine
- C-reactive Protein
- And almost 100 more.

The program contains 4 hours of audio lecture material with transcripts and a complete worksheet that shows lab levels and optimal levels for over 100 optimal health markers.

The program also will help you identify which tests are right for you.

Dr. Williams has identifed what specific tests you would need to take if you have...

- Fibromyalgia
- Chronic Fatigue
- Low Energy
- Candida
- Lyme Disease
- Male Hormone Issues
- Female Hormone Issues
- Thyroid and Adrenal Issues
- And more!

When you purchase today, you'll also get a special Bonus Interview on Essential Fatty Acid Health

In this revealing interview, Dr. Williams shares...

- The best source of Essential Fatty Acids
- The best plant-based source of Essential Fatty Acids
- Why flax oil may not be for you.
- The proper ratio of Omega 3 / Omega 6 Oils.
- How to test for your EFAs

You'll get this special bonus interview FREE when you order today.

This is great, but I don't believe in blood testing, can't I just eat healthy?

I didn't either, until I realized I was completely wrong.

Not only did blood testing - the right way - change my health, it also made me aware that many people in the natural health world were going about things the wrong way.

Blood testing, if done correctly, can be your best ally in determining the right diet, the right supplements and the perfect health for you.

Dr. Williams also covers OPTIMAL levels in this program... not the lab levels. These are actually quite different in some cases and can help determine more specifically what issues or deficiencies you may be dealing with.

Even better yet, testing can save you money in the long run by helping you determine what foods and supplements you really need... not the ones you "think" you need. (Or the supplements someone else wants to sell you!)

Your Purchase is 100% Guaranteed!

When you buy the "How to Read Your Blood Tests" now, I'll give you 60 days to decide if you want to keep it.

That means if you don't find this program valuable, we'll completely refund your money, no questions asked!

NOTE: This is a DIGITAL product.


Deficiencies can turn to disease and illness at any time.

I've learned that deficiencies are like stray dogs...

At any time they can turn around and bite you.

If you don't identify your own levels of body chemistry and nutrients, you may end up in a position that will take a long time to get out of... or maybe you can't get out of it at all.

It would be a shame for this to happen, when all the tools are right here for you.

So if you have blood tests, have been thinking about getting some or if this is the first time you've ever heard of this, I urge you to consider getting yourself this program to identify what your true health issues may be.

Dr. Williams's protocols dramatically changed my life and this is why I'm so passionate about the "How to Read Your Blood Tests" program.

It could change your life too. It can put your health back in your own control and help you discover the best health you've ever had.