How to Eat Well for Under $100 a Month on a Plant Based Diet

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If you want to lower your total food costs to have more money to spend on other things (including other areas of your health) or to save it, you need a complete system that works!

With this in mind I created a UNIQUE eBook called:

How to Eat Well on a Plant-Based Diet for Under $100 a Month

In this new eBook, you will discover:

  • Nifty tricks to allocate your dollars efficiently so your total food budget is just $100 a month
  • Exactly where to find deals like you wouldn’t believe! With prices so low that they are totally inflation-proof.
  • How to tell instantly if you’re getting ripped off at the counter (with real life examples)
  • Successful strategies to stay ahead of inflation and always spend MUCH LESS than most people on food.
  • The top three places to shop to get the best foods
  • Exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner to really enjoy your diet and laugh at your grocery bill every month
  • The Top 10 plant-based meals to eat for optimal nutrition
  • The number ONE, most nutritious vegetable that’s DIRT-CHEAP and almost everybody forgets to include in their diet
  • A sample shopping list for a month
  • The 12 kitchen gadgets you need and the ones you don’t
  • How to adapt this system to non-vegan diets
  • Why you never need again to worry about nutrients as long as you pay attention to these five factors in a balanced plant-based diet