Kev's Super Nutritious Wildcrafted Peruvian Muña (50 grams x 4 bags) Free Shipping

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Kev's Super Nutritious Wildcrafted Peruvian Muna


On a hike above the Sacred Valley in Peru, our guide bent over to pick a few branches of a plant he called "muña" (pronounced - moon-yuh).  He told me this was one of the most widely used medicines in his village. Later we made a tea by simply steeping the leaves and branches in hot water.

The flavor is a combination of strong mint with earthy tones and one of my most favorite from Peru. Medicinally, muña is used in Peruvian traditions for kidney support, reducing inflammation and digestive ailments.*

The herb is also called the Andean Mint, but I think you'll notice by trying it that it is not your average mint!

How to Use Mu

This special herb is used mainly in teas.  To make muña tea, bring water to a boil.  Pour into a cup and add a few stems with leaves. Steep for 5 minutes.  There's no need to remove the muña while you drink.  Add your favorite sweetener.  If you're the creative type, you can use the herb to make Kombucha's or other elixirs.

Note: You can also make an herbal tincture with muña.  Just place an entire bag in a sealable jar and add vodka (or other alcohol 40 proof) to just over the top of the herb.  Let this tincture sit for at least 4 weeks.

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