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The Complete Thyroid Health Program with Dr. J.E. Williams eCourse (Digital)

NOTE: This is a DIGITAL product. Transcripts are in pdf format. Audio recordings are in mp3 format.
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The Most Complete and Comprehensive Program on Thyroid Health

"The Complete Thyroid Health Program with Dr. J. E. Williams" is a program that will help you identify if your thyroid is compromising your health, decide what tests to take, and give you back control over your own personal health.

This is a comprehensive audio and PDF course on how you can successfully treat your thyroid using natural approaches.

It also gives you access to Dr. Williams's 30 years of experience and knowledge of common - as well as little known - thyroid issues that many doctors misdiagnose.

In this program you'll discover...

- Why many MDs and natural practitioners misdiagnose thyroid issues and confuse their patients more than help.

- A simple way to test your thyroid function at home.

- A powerful herb that has been used to regulate thyroid function for thousands of years.

- Specific foods that you can eat regularly to help regain your thyroid's strength.

- How take control of your thyroid health by understanding thyroid hormone blood testing and optimal levels.

- How to interpret your own thyroid blood tests to identify why you're feeling sluggish and what you can do to bring back your energy levels.

- Why you need more than just iodine to bring back your thyroid's health.

- One easy exercise you can do every day that will help improve your thyroid function - better yet, it's free and only takes 1

- Simple yoga exercises you can do to help stimulate your thyroid gland - you can do these no matter what your level of fitness.

- Specific herbal and natural supplement protocols for all thyroid issues such as hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hashimoto's Disease, Wilson's Disease, autoimmune thyroid issues and other underlying thyroid challenges.

- If using hormone replacement therapy is effective or not.

- And much more...

NOTE:This program is NOT ONLY for the individual, but also for practitioners who want to understand the thyroid in complete detail and how to work with patients using a protocol and testing methods that Dr. Williams has been using and refining for almost 30 years.

The program explain and give you complete natural protocol details - including herbs, foods, exercises and supplements - for these specific thyroid issues...

- Hypothyroid
- Hyperthyroid
- Hashimoto's Disease
- Wilson's Disease
- Autoimmune Thyroid Issues
- Sub-clinical Thyroid Issues
- Metabolic Issues Linked to the Thyroid
- And many more.

The program contains 4 hours of audio lecture material with transcripts, PLUS...

- A complete discussion of herbs, supplements, foods and exercises for the thyroid.
- A complete course outline for easy browsing.
- A complete thyroid health questionnaire.
- Instructions on how to test your thyroid function at home.
- Complete blood testing protocols for the thyroid.
- How to read your blood tests for the thyroid.
- A worksheet that explains optimal blood testing results.
- And more!

This program is valued at $97.00, but as a special we're offering it to you for $59.95 for a limited time only. That's almost 40% off the price and value of the program! (A savings of $37.05).


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